Show off your cooking skills with Huawei Nova 5T’s innovative 5AI cameras


Now that you have the extra time to spend at home, why not perfect your cooking skills? Apart from the basic rice with stew, now you have the time to search for more recipes and start experimenting in the kitchen. It won’t hurt to show off these skills on your social media either! Throw out all those take-out menus, because now the Master Chef has entered the kitchen.  

For the seasoned cook, just go straight into the kitchen, see what ingredients you have and make something. For the amateurs, maybe its best you search up a few recipes first, get the right tools and ingredients (a measuring cup goes a long way!) and then jump right in. However, once your dish is ready, plate it as beautifully as you can and then get ready to show it off to your friends and family, you never know you might inspire them to bring out the inner chef in them too! 

Set up your dish in frame and take that perfect shot 

Once your dish is ready, doing a small photoshoot is a given. Set it up nicely on a table, add some cutlery on the side and take that shot. With the HUAWEI nova 5T’s 48MP 48MP HD lens camera setup, you are bound to get a beautiful result with every color from your dish beautifully shining. You can either shoot in high resolution with the 48MP main camera or even add some bokeh effects for with the 2MP bokeh lens. Alternatively, you can also take multiple pictures of all the ingredients if you want to share a more detailed post. 

Allow the AI to help 

You don’t have to worry if you can’t get the right setting on your camera, because the HUAWEI nova 5T comes with some seriously powerful AI support that can back you up when you are taking photos. The AI HDR+ feature will enhance light and give your photos that professional touch making the photo of your dish ready to share. 

 Get creative with videos  

Instead of a photo, why not make a video of you cooking the dish? Show some fancy shots of the ingredients or shots of everything sizzling in the pan or if you want to risk it try even getting a slow motion shot of you flipping the dish. Putting all these clips together, adding some music and even removing unwanted parts are made easy thanks to the AI Video Editor, which can do all of it and more at the touch of a button. 

Place everything for that wide-angle shot of your table 

Made more than one dish? Place everything on your dining table and take a beautiful shot of it all. No, you don’t have to take multiple photos to fit everything or even risk cropping things out. With the HUAWEI nova 5T 16MP Ultra-Wide angle lens you can fit everything in one frame and show off all your cooking success in one stunning photo. 

Top it off with a selfie 

Nothing is complete without a selfie. Take a beautiful selfie with the HUAWEI nova 5T 32MP AI Selfie Superstar camera AI Selfie camera either while you are cooking or even posing in front of your final dish. What other way to show off your pride in your cooking success!  

These tips are not as hard as the cooking recipe you decided to follow, but we are sure that the photos you share will be worth the effort. Not only can you make everyone jealous with your cooking skills, but this is also a great way to learn or perfect a new skill. 

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