STATEMENT: Yamoah Ponko is a liar – Napo was the best student MB. Ch B ‘95

Matthew Opoku Prempeh is Ghana's Energy Minister
Matthew Opoku Prempeh is Ghana's Energy Minister

Our attention has been drawn to a news item carried by and other media houses, in which the former MCE of Ejisu constituency – Mr. Yamoah Ponko said, “Napo was a poor student when we were in class, I wonder how he can insult teachers”.

It is very unfortunate to hear such lies from a ‘respected person’ within the Ashanti region and as a matter of fact, a former MCE. We do not know the basis for such a person to act in this manner, maybe, out of jealousy – he wish he was the one in charge of implementing such an important policy, FREE SHS.

Firstly, the honorable Member of Parliament for Manhyia South, never insulted teachers, and will never do, as he holds teachers so much in high esteem with that being evident in the number of policies he has implemented to see to the betterment of the wellbeing of teachers.

Secondly, Hon.Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh (NAPO) never attended any school with Yamoah Ponko, not to even talk of being in the same class with him.

       Below are the list of institutions NAPO attended;

  1. KNUST Primary School, Ghana
  2. Prempeh College, Ghana
  3. University of Science and Technology now KNUST ,Ghana
  4. Erasmus University, Netherlands
  5. Harvard University, USA

To Yamoah Ponko, which of the schools did you attend with Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh? We demand answers.

Also, Yamoah Ponko made mention of how NAPO was a poor student from Primary school through to the university.

If a ‘poor student’ can win these prizes, then we wonder what Yamoah Ponko meant by a poor student.

  1. Distinction O Level Geography
  2. Distinction A Level Chemistry
  3. Ghana Chamber of Mines Elective Award
  4. Community Medicine Student Prize
  5. General Surgery Prize`
  6. Best Student MB. Ch B (Best Student, Medical School)
  7. University Fellowship Award, Netherlands Government

The Hon. Minister has been an intelligent person throughout his schooling period, and as such all comments made by Yamoah Ponko should be ignored.

Yamoah Ponko, is advised that, by virtue of his age and the office he once occupied, should save the entire Ghanaian populace such lies.


Charles Osei Owusu Gyamfi (OMAN)

Member, Concerned Youth of Manhyia South.

Source: Daily Mail GH

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