“Together we can win the fight against cancers”- CEO of US-based NGO


United States-based cancer-related, nonprofit and none governmental organisation, Unlimited Cancer Care International, has once again shown love and care to a cancer survival group, Fayetteville NC Breast Cancer Support Group 2, based in the North Carolina city of Fayetteville.

The donation which is the second in a series of donations towards helping alleviate the plight of cancer survivors and to also motivate women who have survived the scare of the deadly cancer disease is another frantic contribution by Unlimited Cancer Care International, UCCI.

The Chief Executive Officer of UCCI, Agivert Jackson, made the presentation to the survivors at a programme during which the women, took to art, drawing, painting, designing, coloring among others. It was dubbed, “Wine and Design”.

Occasionally, these survivors gather to relate, associate, interact, learn and encourage each other going forward beyond surviving breast cancer.

The visibly glad and appreciative women received packaged boxes of soaps, jewelry, detergents, and other assorted items.

Ms Jackson, expressed her joy at seeing the survivors come together to interact and share the joy from the lives in the new life after breast cancer.

“Seeing all of you sweet and beautifully well able women delights my heart to the core” She said.

Adding that, “Surviving breast cancer is in itself a miracle worthy of celebrating”.

“To therefore come together as a group to meet occasionally and share your stories, is all but a very important move, and I am happy for you all beautiful ladies herein gathered” She said.

Ms. Jackson, charged the women to continue to be each other’s keeper because it’s not easy to live life after breast cancer without support, encouragement, motivation and love from either co-survivors or loved ones and relations.

“Your decision to meet and get busy with activities such as you are doing, is laudable and I encourage you to keep going at it” She admonished.

The CEO of UCCI, added that, “My NGO is poised to support women who are fighting the disease, encourage and help survivors live their new lives to the maximum, as well as assist relations of, especially women who are going through all forms of cancer treatment”.

“The effect of the disease goes beyond just the patient and so we are putting in place plans to support families of these patients too” She added.

“As and Africa-American, I understand the enormous negative effect of cancers on families, especially in Africa and so we are liaising with partners, institutions, and philanthropic individuals to garner support to help alleviate the pain and incessant stress the disease brings to patients and their families.

The Coordinator of of the group, Ms. Ashley Burch, was full of praise and gratitude to Ms Jackson for her gesture.

“This is awesome. It is so thoughtful of you and your institution, and we are extremely thankful” She said.

Adding that, “We can’t thank you enough. All we can say is to ask for the blessings of the Lord for you and Unlimited Cancer Care International”.

The visibly elated women took turns to show appreciation to Ms. Jackson and her Unlimited Cancer Care International.

It would be recalled that, Unlimited Cancer Care International, in December last year, made donations to the Cape Fear Hospital also in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The items included puzzle books, hand sanitizing sprays, car disinfectants and disinfecting wipes to be distributed to the various oncology departments of the hospital within the city.

During that presentation, Ms Jackson commended state agencies, organizations, philanthropists, and the general public for their various support to cancer patients, but called on others to emulate the shining examples of UCCI.

She pledged the continuous support of Unlimited Cancer care International to cancer-related individuals and organizations in the US and Africa where her organization has its focus on.

By Listowell Yesu Bukarson

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