Xeno comment: Repatriate South African High Commissioner to Ghana – Pan-Africanist to Akufo-Addo

Lulu Xingwana

Ghana must sack the South African high commissioner over her recent comments concerning xenophobic attacks in the Rainbow Nation, according to a Pan-Africanist.

Mr. Kwaku Aboagye Boampong said Lulu Xingwana’s assertions that the attacks ongoing in her country are not xenophobic, but only criminal act are unfortunate.

She said what is happening can only be attributed to poverty and lack of employment and therefore the media is blowing it out of proportion to describe the development as xenophobic.

“…This starts from poverty,” Xingwana told Accra-based Starr FM. “All of our countries must create jobs and opportunities for their people so that we don’t all flock to one country because one country would not be able to cope. If all of us were coming to Ghana, would you cope? Would you?”

Xingwana said attributing the violence to hatred of other African nationals was wrong saying: “That’s why I say it’s crime, it’s poverty, in Ghana, in South Africa, in Zimbabwe, in Nigeria, everywhere. And then people will leave these countries and any other country and think they can find something in South Africa.”

However, Mr Boampong said it is a sensitive issue which must not be glossed over by other African countries.

“If we had serious leaders on this continent, the first thing they must all do, not only the president of Ghana, they must sack all the South African Ambassadors in their countries within 24 hours. They must leave here immediately if we really want the South African government to work. When they get there, their government will work,” he told Kumasi-based Ultimate FM.

“The government of South Africa knows everything that is happening but the reason why they are not acting is because it serves their interest. Now the failure of the government to take their lands for them is being blamed on the Africans who go to live in South Africa. It only shows that they don’t have a clear understanding of their history

“The people who are responsible for exploitation and poverty in your country, is not your fellow African who is there struggling with you and the government’s responsibility is to expose all of that and arrest the criminals. The president of South Africa cannot run away from blame. His government is hundred percent responsible for what is happening and ANC must recognize how Africa bled to support the country,” Mr Boampong added.

Source: Daily Mail GH

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