A GREY MATTER: Live Well, Age Well


“Where you will sit when you are old shows where you stood in youth.” Yoruba proverb.

Nothing — not even the most sophisticated timepieces — tells time quite like the human face. Years of history run through each wrinkle; in those creases, the tales of our lives are etched.

Strands of black hair, where they once stood in great numbers, are thinned down; those that survive, filtered through life’s experiences, have mostly turned grey. Ageing — a Facebook friend once wrote — is, indeed, a grey matter. It’s a pretty grey area, too: a corridor of uncertainty, somewhere between being old enough and being too old.

At that point, there is far more to reflect on than to envision — and it’s the former, not the latter, that defines the quality of one’s old age. Bad memories stick and sting, hacking away at the little joys of senescence and haunting us all the way into our graves. The good ones, however, add some sparkle to the process of ageing, making grey look more silvery than gloomy, and illuminating what remains of the path to our eventual destination.

So live well, while you still have the might for it. Love intensely, while you still have the heart for it. Strive for success, while you still have the time for it. And, when might and heart and time all start to run out, perhaps, there’d be enough goodness to look back on, even as you look forward to that which lies ahead — whatever/wherever that is.

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