CODE 233: Blame The Rain!


Today — as always — I will rant, but, first, a word of caution:

See, there are very few things as typically Ghanaian as the rainy season and the many ways — big and small — in which it affects our lives daily: from the increase in sale/patronage of umbrellas to the unfortunate floods which have become a perennial plague and the deterioration of our already poor roads, there is quite a catalogue of rain-induced phenomena to pick from. My personal marker for the season is the appearance of a pool on the path to my house whenever it rains. (I am sure you all have one of those pools in your neighborhood that are always ‘newly opened for business’ after some heavy downpour, don’t you?)

Whatever your peculiar concern is in these times, just say safe.

My beef this morning is about the unpredictability of the rains. Now, I know you will say that is really all down to nature, but permit me to disagree. After a lot of rainfall during the past week, it looked like the weekend would be rain-free and, given the laundry I had to do in order to make it to church service on Sunday, I couldn’t have been more grateful hopeful. It was in such high hopes that I washed the clothes early on Saturday and hung them on the drying line, before leaving the house to run a few errands — you can imagine my alarm when, just a couple of hours to my return, it started to rain!

The rain was not of the lasting kind, but it was heavy enough to force me to take shelter in front of a closed shop while it raged. There, I got lost in conversation with other ‘refugees’ and later joined in to chastise a young woman who shamelessly deposited trash in a nearby gutter (a bad practice which contributes significantly to some of the drainage issues we face in such wet periods), just to mask my own misery.

And, for a while, the distraction seemed to work just fine. But then I got home, and harsh reality struck: there my clothes — including my Sunday finest — were, all soaked, and with only a few hours of sunshine left in the day!

It is why I missed church the next day, and if my pastor asks, I would simply serve the ready-made excuse Ghanaians find so convenient to cite in this season: “It was the rain!”

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