KiDi donates GHC15,000 to alma mater Accra Academy to prepare for NSMQ

KiDi making the GHC15,000 donation to his former school Accra Academy
KiDi making the GHC15,000 donation to his former school Accra Academy

Fresh from his conquest at the Vodafone Ghana Music Award ceremony where he picked the topmost award, the artiste of the year, KiDi, privately known as Dennis Nana Dwamena is a man on another mission, this time, to help Accra Academy, his alma mater, win its first National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) competition this year.

To give meaning to this new mission, KiDi and his friends, mostly sponsors, were at the forecourt of the Accra Academy on Thursday to contribute their widow’s mite towards the preparation of this year’s NSMQ competition.

It was meant to be a quiet piece of donation to the Focus Group, the team that handles the Accra Academy NSMQ contingent, but like a drop of sweetener in a tea cup, the presence of KiDi on campus turned the Bleoo environment into an afternoon jamboree for students who could not have enough of the “Touch It” hit singer.

Ushered in by exuberant members of the cadet corps, with the students still mobbing, KiDi was given a ‘presidential’ welcome, even if he came without a convoy.

New Mission
For a school known across the world for its exploits in Business and other success stories in national debate competitions, as well as Sports and Entertainment, the NMSQ trophy has always been a fortress that has eluded the Bleoo fraternity.

And while there has been a marked improvement in recent performances which has seen the school being seeded year-in-year-out, and making semi-final appearances as well, the failure to win the trophy remains a blot on the rich academic credentials of the school.

Right from the headmaster, teachers, through to the Accra Academy Old Boys Association (AAOBA), to the current students, there is a collective effort to change the NMSQ story and restore the Bleoo fraternity to its pride of place.

This is what made KiDi return to the ‘school of no regret’ Thursday afternoon and like the good fortune which followed his musical career and made him win his very first Artiste of the Year accolade, that same fortune, he believes, would follow Accra Academy to win its first NMSQ trophy this year.

But KiDi, like the other partners in the NMSQ campaign, is not counting on good fortune alone but also on good preparation for the boys ahead of the competition.

To help reduce the cost of preparation, the ‘Gyal dem sugar’ singer, donated a cheque of GHC15,000 to NMSQ Focus Group, as well as an assorted products from Fidelity Bank, Samsung and KFC. The products included school bags, kettles, takeaway meals from KFC all which were presented to K Amoah Awuah, President of the AAOBA.

Mr Amoah Awuah thanked KiDi for the gesture and challenged all Bleoobii in Ghana and in the diaspora to contribute their quota in making this NMSQ dream a reality.

He said winning the NMSQ trophy is a costly venture and challenged the old students to make monthly contributions to prepare the boys for victory.

He also explained that the objective is not only for Accra Aca to win the NMSQ this year but to prepare the students to perform creditably well in the SSSCE.

On behalf of AAOBA, Mr Amoah Awuah presented KiDi with a little token of appreciation for his kind gesture.
KiDi treated the buoyant students to a good number of his hit tracks before touring the campus, particularly his former Hall of residence the Ellen Hall, classroom the canteen and the NMSQ Focus Group area.

Interacting with the NMSQ team, KiDi challenged the students to study above themselves and win the trophy for the school.

That he said will be a record for which they will be remembered forever.
KiDi graduated from Accra Academy in 2012, from where ‘his little mind was shaped’, musical talent honed to become one of Ghana’s finest musicians. He hopes to win many more musical accolades not only in Ghana but across the globe but while at it, he hopes to carry the dreams and aspirations of the Bleoo fraternity along as well.

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