New court complex in Accra, Mahama’s breathtaking legacy


Former President John Dramani Mahama has left his footprints on the sands of time as a quintessential President of Ghana, and I’m going to take you on a tour to one of his awe-inspiring legacies. The $50 million fully furnished court complex, which is one of the best in Africa, was built to replace courts located within the Cocoa Affairs premises.

The five-floor complex has a floor area of about 30,000 square metres with more than 400 rooms including 42 courtrooms. It has 172 stair flights, 7 passenger lifts, 258 water closets, 247 hand basins and 51 urinals.

Please are you ready to take a tour of the complex? Okay, let’s start with the ground floor. We have the Main Entrance Lobby, Reception/Waiting area, Land Court 1, Land Court 2, Land Court 3, Land Court 4, Land Court 5 and Land Court Registry. There is also a Banking Hall, Clinic, Media/Meeting Room, Public Canteen, Pay Point 1, Courtyard and a Public Washroom. What a wow! Kikikikiki, do you want us to use the staircase or lift to the first floor? Oh, you mean we should use the lift?

Wheeeee, santan, we have landed on the first floor. In front of us is the Financial & Economic/ Labour Registry. The rest are: Land Court 6, Land Court 7, Land Court 8, Land Court 9, Land Court 10, Criminal Court 1, Probate & Administration Court 1, Divorce & Matrimonial Court 1, Will Reading Room, Staff Canteen, Pay Point 2, Jury Room and Public Washroom. Sosket! Who say Magic Mahama no dey?

Second Floor: Criminal Court 2, Divorce & Matrimonial Court 2, Financial & Economic Court 1, Financial & Economic Court 2, Labour Court 1, Labour Court 2, Human Rights Court 1, Human Rights Court 2, Labour Court 1, Labour Court 2, Human Rights Court 1, Human Rights Court 2, Conference Room, Children’s Playroom, Jury Room, J.T.I. Training Room, ADR/ Meeting Room 1, Public Washroom. Hehehehe, King Ayisoba will say kai, kai, kai, kai. No size!

Third Floor: Divorce & Matrimonial/ General Jurisdiction/ Criminal/ Probate & Administration Registry, Criminal Court 3, Criminal Court 4, General Jurisdiction Court 1, General Jurisdiction Court 2, General Jurisdiction Court 3, General Jurisdiction Court 4, Probate & Administration Court 2, Divorce & Matrimonial Court 3, Female Lawyers’ Robing Room, Male Lawyers Robing Room, Pay Point 3, Jury Room, ADR/ Meeting Room 2, Attorney General’s Office and Public Washroom. Abakade!

Fourth Floor: Commercial Court 1, Commercial Court 2, Commercial Court 3, Criminal Court 5, General Jurisdiction Court 5, General Jurisdiction Court 6, General Reference Room, General Reading Room, Judges’ Electronic Library, Judges’ Reading Room, Judges’ Common Room, Jury Room, ADR/ Meeting Room 3 and Public Washroom. Socket! Changing Lives; Transforming Ghana in second gear!

Fifth Floor: The Honourable Chief Justice’s Office Suite, Auditorium, V.I.P. Holding Room, Commercial Court Registry, Commercial Court 4, Commercial Court 5, Commercial Court 6, Commercial Court 7, Commercial Court 8, Commercial Court 9, Commercial Court 10, Criminal Court 6, Jury Room, J.T.I. Training Room, ADR/ Meeting Room 4, Video Conference Room and Public Washroom. Chai, President Kufuor go say edey sweet like honey.

The breaking of a new dawn is about to happen, and Ghana is going to rise again under the high-end leadership of H.E. John Dramani Mahama. To make this a reality, please vote for John Mahama as President on 7th December. He is number 2 on the ballot.

By Anthony Obeng Afrane

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