Residents voice concerns over damaged gantries on Accra-Tema motorway


Residents along the Accra-Tema Motorway are raising urgent concerns about the deteriorating state of height restriction gantries, emphasizing the dangers posed by overloaded trucks and the actions of scrap metal dealers.

In September 2023, six height restriction gantries, each standing at 4.5 meters, were installed at various points along the motorway ahead of the construction zone. These structures were designed to guide vehicles exceeding the height limit through designated routes to ensure safety. However, the gantries have suffered significant damage, rendering them ineffective.

Residents have identified overloaded trucks as the primary cause of the damage. One resident attributed the poor condition of the gantries to the activities of scrap metal dealers, who may be contributing to the vandalism and deterioration of these critical structures.

Another resident provided a harrowing eyewitness account: “One night, I saw an overloaded articulated truck smash into one of the gantries. The impact was so severe that it led to an accident, causing chaos on the road.”

At another location along the motorway, a resident described how trucks overloaded with goods from the ports frequently damage the gantries. “These trucks are too high and heavy for the gantries, and they often crash into them. This not only damages the gantries but also creates a collision course for accidents, putting everyone at risk,” the resident explained.

Kofi Nti Appiagyei, a development engineer at the Department of Urban Roads in Accra, acknowledged these issues in an interview on the Asaase Breakfast Show on Tuesday (4 June). He highlighted a plan to sensitize the public on the importance of reporting vandalism and collaborating with security agencies to arrest those responsible.

“We are working on a comprehensive strategy to address these concerns. It involves public awareness campaigns and strict enforcement measures to protect these essential structures,” Appiagyei stated.

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