Standard Chartered leads the way with e-payment solutions

Kwame Asante, Head Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited

Globally, the dominance of cash payments continues to decline significantly. According to the 2018 Global Payments Report by McKinsey & Company, e-payment volumes exceeded $3 trillion in 2017 and will more than double by 2022.

In Ghana, we have seen an exponential rise in e-payments over the past decade. This burgeoning rise in the ease and speed of making payments has positively impacted the financial services industry. Banks have responded positively by introducing innovative e-payment systems and platforms to help corporates and small businesses meet their aspirations.

With over a century of experience in providing financial services, Standard Chartered continues to delight clients with their revolutionary payment infrastructure and a comprehensive suite of digital products, making banking services simple, more accessible and convenient.

The Bank operates three key payment modules: bank to bank transfers, mobile wallets and channels. These modules provide real-time funds transfer capabilities to customers, helping them effectively manage their finances through the list of platforms/enablers.

The platform offers both payment and collection services including: Traditional Payables – Tax and statutory payments, payroll, on-site cheque printing, telegraphic transfers, real-time gross settlement (RTGS), automated clearing house (ACH) and domestic book transfers.

Advanced Payables – International ACH, instant payments, virtual account for payments, mobile wallet payments.

Additional Complementary Features – Integrated FX and cross-border payments with SWIFT global payment innovations.

Enabling real-time faster payments has been a core area where the Bank continues to invest in line with the evolving needs of clients, particularly with the growth of e-commerce platforms and wallet apps. The Bank has a dedicated payment team with a global mandate to build ‘best-in-class’ capabilities to ensure that clients are provided with the widest range of options possible in facilitating their banking transactions.

To the Bank, payments represent the life force/bloodstream of the global economy and with the advent of Fintech disruptors around the world, the Bank collaborates with Fintechs to continue to deliver increasingly convenient and seamless payment capabilities in the provision of comprehensive financial services.

Driving financial inclusion via mobile

More than 70 percent of working Ghanaians are in the informal sector and lack access to traditional banking distribution channels. In 2018, according to Newzoo’s Global Mobile Market Report there is a 24 percent penetration of smartphones in Ghana.

In 2019, the Bank launched a fully digital bank on mobile – SC Mobile which offers end to end onboarding. Standard Chartered has taken into consideration feedback received from clients to develop the digital bank. Each stage of the design process has incorporated innovative technology allowing the execution of all banking activities from a mobile device.

With a range of up to 70 client journeys including mobile money payments, funds transfer, bill payments and many more, the Bank’s digital services are available by downloading the Standard Chartered Ghana mobile application. New clients can execute all their banking activities right from their mobile devices, starting by opening their bank account in 15 minutes. They can also provide all verification documents by uploading to the application and completing the onboarding process within minutes. Debit Cards are delivered in 48 hours. Clients can also track and trace all requests submitted. Clients with digital accounts also stand to enjoy exclusive benefits from the Bank’s alliances and partnerships.

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