The fight against the invincible enemy (Covid-19) is partly mental strength [OPINION]


There is something exceptional about national flags that speaks volume of how life is seen.  When a flag goes up, it signifies hope and depicts the faith people have in a cause or a country. The rising of the flag is accompanied by its national anthem or patriotic song that uplifts the spirit of people. When all is lost, the very sight of a flag uplifts the hope in people. Many nations go to war with this principle. Even before the war starts they have psychologically position themselves for victory. 

In our traditional settings, warriors sing war songs to signify strength and power. These acts are nothing less than building the capacity of the body to face realities. Adolf Hitler won many battles using the human mind as his greatest weapon. His strategy was that a man is as strong and powerful as his mind. He was once quoted to have said “If you give a weapon to a fool, he will miss his target but if you train that man, he doesn’t need a weapon to hunt down his target. It’s called the power of the human mind”.

The test case of Germany

Germany is doing something that the rest of the world must learn from. The country has recorded over 150,000 Covid-19  cases with over 100,000 recoveries and less death compared to countries with the same Covid-19 cases. The country’s medical system has not discovered any medicine, yet so these recoveries cannot be attributed to medicines. The country is using the human mind principle to battle the corona virus. In simple terms, Germans or residents in that country are being made to believe that the virus is defeatable – if you get it, you will survive.

Boris Johnson, the Prime  Minister of the United Kingdom,  in his speech after recovering from corona virus, applauded the human support provided by the two nurses who stayed with him. The services of the two nurses played the psychological therapy on Mr Johnson which aided his recovery process. In the Bible, Apostle Paul made a profound statement  that whether  “he lives or die it’s onto Christ”. That statement demonstrated and revealed the hope, faith and belief he was convicted to carry in his walk with Christ.

This is where I believe that a nation like Ghana whose circumstances can not allow her to provide 60% of the social needs of its people has to do. The nation must tackle the fight against corona virus mentally while we continue to adhere to precautionary measures. Our fight must start with the mind.  Such attitude can only be exhibited when the State has made it a conscious effort to let people realize the duty they owe their country through patriotism and nationalism.

To start with, every morning, afternoon and evening, all radio and television stations must play the national anthem and other patriotic songs. Such songs must also be played in communities, bus stations, market places and under any national events. 

Moving forward, the governments must priorities the social protection system as a greater policy. The majority that cried out for the lifting of the lockdown did not ask for mansions, roads or huge political rallies. They only requested for food, water, electricity  and clothes. Restructuring our social service system must be a priority. 

I strongly believe it will signify the end to obeying restrictions and preparedness to fight the invincible enemy called Covid-19 and any other circumstances in future.

Written by Bright Kweku Appiah, Director of Child Rights International

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